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The Suntec City complex is a sprawling 5 office-tower complex called Tower One to Five, comprising 4 towers hosting 45-storey’s and one that’s 18-storey high. While 4 of the taller structures offer a great mix of floor planes ranging from 10,000 Sq. ft. to 14,000 Sq. ft., the smallest building offers a NLA of 28,000 Sq. ft. on each of its 18 floors.

Billed as one of Singapore’s largest commercial projects by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Suntec City is an architectural marvel of sorts. Viewed from the air, the 5 towers and accompanying convention center appear to be the image of a left hand, with the bronze Fountain of Wealth taking the shape of a golden ring that being held in the palm of the hand. By tradition, the combination of bronze and water are also meant to usher in success.

A remarkable achievement indeed! Interestingly, the Chinese name for this project, 新达, stands for “new achievement”!

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