OCBC Centre

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At 197.7 m (649 ft) tall, and standing 52-storey high, the OCBC Center enjoyed the distinction of being the tallest building in Singapore as well as the entire South East Asia when it was built in 1976.  Comprising of 2 extensions, OCBC Centre East and OCBC Centre South, its construction features 2 semi-circular cores built from reinforced concrete as well as 3 lateral girders to expedite that exhibit a sense of permanence and strength.

Giving additional strength to the structure are lattice steel models, installed on floors 20 and 35, that are strengthened by concrete and steel-compression. Since the steel trusses were constructed off-site the building was divided into 3 sections, each of which has floors that are cantilevered about 6 meters from the columns.

Nicknamed “The Calculator” because of its flat profile and its windows that give the illusion of calculator-buttons, the building used the 3-tier system and was completed in just 2 years.