Republic Plaza

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At 280 metres (919 feet) tall, one of the 3 tallest buildings in Singapore, Republic Plaza ( 共和大厦), sits at the Southern end of Raffles Place in the Downtown Core of Singapore’s CBD. A unique feature of this building is its earthquake-resistant design, though it is situated well away from any earthquake zone. It offers 769,388 Sq. ft (71,478.5 M2) and 18,483 Sq. ft (1,717.1Mm2) of Office and Retail lettable area respectively.

Built in 1995, the relatively simple oriental-influenced design, a square form with chamfered cornered base, was chosen primarily as a space-maximizing layout. Its tapering design produces an upwardly triangular element that helps reduce buffeting from wind gusts as well as improves wind loading, while also offering a breathtaking sea-view from its upper levels.

With the main entrance located at D’Almeida Street, Republic Plaza saw its construction completed through a fast track approach, in less than 2 years. It’s 4-storey high lobby has a polished granite and ceramic finish, and the building provides 15 double-decker vertical lifts for swift transfer between floors.