The Bank of China

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A 2-skyscraper project, The Bank of China Building is situated in Singapore’s Central Business District on 4 Battery Road. Serving as the HQ for the Bank of China, it is located approximately 100 meters from the famous Fullerton Hotel, and stands adjacent to Mybank Tower and 6 Battery Road.

The 18-storey Old Block of the Bank of China Building was constructed in 1954, and is boldly guarded by a pair of lions designed/built by Rudolfo Nolli. At the time of construction this tower achieved prominence as the tallest building in Raffles Place of the CBD. It relinquished that title to UOB Plaza Two in 1974.

Built in 2000, the 36-floor New Block of the Bank of China Building stands 168 meters high, and is located adjacent to the Old Block. The two blocks are linked by a jointly shared podium.