What we do: Office relocations, Professional moving, Interior decor & design, Landlord & Property Marketing Services, Sub-leasing & Negotiations

Singapore is home to many prime office properties. We’ll help locate one that’s just right for your business, and we do it quickly and efficiently – guaranteed!

Our services include:

  • Tenant sourcing
  • Landlord and property marketing services
  • Negotiating Term-leases or Sub-leases
  • Interior designing and decor
  • Professional office moving and relocation

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If you are on the lookout for a new address, then we are committed to finding you the most appropriate one for the most reasonable price. Whether it is finding higher-quality office space for you, helping you locate larger office space, scouring the market for the most economical office location, or searching for the most functional address – our Tenant Sourcing service can assist. And here’s how:

  • Our knowledgeable professionals make every effort to first understand your unique requirements
  • We’ll help you decide whether it is more economical to renew your present lease, or move to a new location
  • And if a new location is where you need to be, we’ll match your needs to that new location
  • Before matching you with available office properties, we scour the market place for the latest availability information, including multiple locations, space and rates
  • Our seasoned negotiators will work with you on a winning negotiation strategy that will guarantee you get the best possible lease terms
  • We’ll work with you to plan and optimize your office space utilization keeping current and future needs in mind
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Business is all about dealing with and negotiating change. Do you find yourself wanting to sub-lease out part of your extra space? Have you grown more quickly that you expected to, and now find you need to lease extra space? Perhaps your plans have changed, and you need to move to a new location before your existing lease expires?

Regardless of what the circumstances are, our veteran negotiators will be right there with you, helping you negotiate the best deal to optimize your profit and mitigate any downside to a deal. You’ll be amazed at some of the negotiation strategies that we have in our tool box – and they all work!

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No one is better positioned than our team to be able to publicise and market your office and commercial real estate, whether you wish to rent, lease or sell it. Through our network of established connections, our technology and our marketing resources, we’ll ensure maximum exposure for your property. We’ll get the most number of eyeballs viewing your property in the shortest possible time – guaranteed!

And here’s how we do it:

  • We’ll list your property on some of the most widely browsed website databases available
  • We ensure your property is publicised through Classified Ads in some of the most respected local and regional newspapers and publications
  • Using our comprehensive contact list, we’ll design and launch targeted Email campaigns to make prospective clients aware of your property
  • Our attractive banners, which we place strategically on and near your property, will scream irresistibly to potential clients “Buy Me!”, “Rent Me!” or “Lease Me!”
  • We plan, schedule, arrange for and manage all viewings with prospects
  • We handle the tough negotiations with potential buyers/renters strictly in line with guidance received from you
  • And at all times you, our valued client, are kept in the loop through constant communication
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Whether you are staging your property to look attractive for buyers, renters and leasers, or whether you want your new business office spruced up before you move in, our Interior Designing and Decor services can help. We’ll ensure your designs and decor reflects your corporate image, and that your layout is the most attractive, effective and functional possible.

We have established business partnerships with some of the most renowned interior decorators in Singapore. And since we continually use their services, we can pass on significant savings to our clients.

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Whether you are moving in, or moving out, our Professional Office Moving and Relocation service can make moving less stressful and more fun. Over the years, our firm has established excellent partnerships with a number of top-class movers and relocating professionals. We work with only the best, so you can rest assured that even the smallest of your belongings will receive the highest degree of care and respect on the journey out of your old and into your new address. That’s our guarantee!

And we do all of this with precision and timing that comes from working with seasoned professionals. And along the way, we pass on huge savings to you, our client!

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